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Meet the INGOS team: Innovating and securing your digital world.
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Our mission

We are dedicated to Cyber Security and have a committment to permanent improvement.

Let’s make each day safer. We support you in every area when it comes to develop a cyber security strategy and implement all of our services that meet your individual requirements. If your industry as special legal requirements such as ISO 27001, TISAX, NIS2 or GDPR – no problem we have all the solutions. Together we can do it. Get full control of your data back as we do not use your data for commercial analytics.

The best Hardware can only be as secure and efficient as its correct configuration, right? Our Cloud Infrastructure is configured by INGOS Experts only with extensive knowledge regarding integration, management of technologies and implementation of our cloud infrastructure. On top of that we use world’s leading virtualization Software VMware and are one under a few partners with full control of our complete hardware in the datacenter as we own it all.

Clients are our partner and we can grow our businesses together. Personal contact and lightning-fast problem solution is essential and part of our company philosophy.

The brand

INGOS is a registered trademark in Germany, The European Union, USA, Australia, UK, Switzerland, China, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, Japan, Russion Federation, Mexico and Vietnam.

A family company

All shares are owned by the family. No investors – just us. As a family-run company, we are in constant contact with our employees and are on an equal footing and ongoing dialog with our customers and partners.

Gated community

In contrast to our competitors, we take a completely different approach when it comes to onboarding new customers to our private cloud infrastructure. We don’t let everybody in – we only work with customers and organizations that share our commitment to cybersecurity and are willing to invest in the implementation of cyber security measures. For your understanding: public cloud systems are often misused by criminals for e.g. Crypto mining, spamming, etc. which can have a negative impact on the system’s performance and security. So do not hesitate and be part of our Gated Community.

Sustainability on worlds fastest hardware

We bring it all together. In a world where the demands on technical equipment are constantly changing, is it sustainable it you constantly need to buy additional or new hardware as it does not fit your technical or organizational requirements.
The answer is easy – it is not!

Join our Gated Cloud Community on the words fastest hardware were all the infrastructure is shared by all clients without loss of performance as resources that are assigned to you are only used by you. Of course, you have full control of your data, a very high level of security with segregation of data traffic to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Compared to an on-premise Server solution INGOS Gated Private Cloud is fully scalable and grows with your business. Expand your resources as needed day by day.
And on top of that we love this planet and use 100% energy from renewable resources.


We have TÜV certified Information Security and Data Protection Officer's and Auditors, as well as:

Certified VMware Cloud Provider
Microsoft Service Provider

and many more...



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